Never write a check to Columbia Gas of Ohio again!

Autopay enables you to authorize your financial institution to automatically pay your gas bill from your checking or savings account each month, providing you with assurance that your payment will be credited to your account by the payment due date.

You'll still get a monthly statement from us showing the amount you owe, how much natural gas you used, and the date that your payment will be withdrawn from your checking or savings account in case you have a question.

  Easy - It's the easy, no-hassle plan that lets you forget about paying your utility bill because the service pays your bill each month automatically.

  No check to write - It pays right from your checking account. Funds are transferred electronically so you'll never have to write a check for your gas bill again.

  Saves time and money - No need to remember to pay your bill, to write the check, or to mail it. No check costs. No postage. And your payment will always be on time.

  Safe and reliable - Your bank can transfer only the amount of your monthly bill. Of course, you'll continue to receive your monthly Columbia Gas bill so you can monitor your monthly usage and call us if you have any questions before it's paid. The payment will be itemized on your bank statement.

  It's free - There's no charge for Autopay. It's here for your convenience from Columbia Gas of Ohio.

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To arrange an automatic monthly deduction from your bank account, simply log in to your Columbia Gas account. You’ll need your bank’s routing number and your account number.

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